Feature film/ 100 min


Writer:      Marjolein Bierens

Producer:  Arry Voorsmit (Riba Film International/ The Netherlands)

Director:    Patrick Mincks



Left behind by the family in a foreign country you have to rebuild your own life.


Short Synopsis

Monire, her husband and two children arrive on the island of Texel, before the coast of The Netherlands. In an Asylum home they have to get use to their new life, their new country. Monire takes it as it is and makes the best of it. She also starts to learn Dutch. Her husband canít get used and he runs off with the two children, back to Teheran.


Left behind with nothing more than her clothes Monire has to learn to rebuild her own life. In her struggle she meets a man who comforts her and teaches her about the nature on the island. Slowly she gains back her respect and recognition.


The time comes she can go back to Teheran to see her children. There she finds there is no place for her anymore and the only thing she can hope for is that the children will come to see her when they are mature. She leaves Teheran to find a new life.



The script is developed with the support of the Dutch Film Fund.




Made with Namu6