Feature film/ 100 min


Writer:              Arry Voorsmit

Co-writer:          Hans Vogel

Director:            tbc.

Producer:           Arry Voorsmit (Riba Film International/ The Netherlands)




The adventures of a Dutch soldier in the Spanish - French war in the 18th century, his escapades and love affaires.



ABOUT Casimir graaf von Schlippenbach (1682 - 1755)

Casimir van Schlippenbach served in the army of the Dutch Republic during the first half of the 18th century. It brought him in all countries over the Europe. He took part in several wars.

He had a great passion for music, playing the lute, singing and dancing. But his passion for gambling was even bigger.

He spoke five languages fluently, French, German, Dutch, English and Spanish. He entertained the king of Spain, was acuainted with Willem IV.

Schlippenbach was a witness of the decline of nobility and the rise of the citizens. Much to his regret. He carried a secret which let to his downfall.


Inspired by the diaries of Casimir von Schlippenbach (1682 - 1755).

Translated from the old French and updated by Hans Vogel & Marjan Smits. Publisher: Augustus 2007.

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