Feature film/ 100 min



A retarded 55 year old man loses his mother, his only support and care, in a botched bank robbery. He is joined on the run by a gypsy girl with a questionable past. Together they embark on a desperate cross border journey, develop a friendship and "come of age" each in their own unique way.


Writer & Director:      Janos Edelenyi

Co-Writers:              Andre Hules, Paul Salamon, Maria Stankova

Producers:                Steve Bowden (Vita Nova Films/ Great Brit.)

                              Pavlina Jeleva & Georgy Cholakov (Geopoly Film/Bulg.)

                              Arry Voorsmit (Riba Film International/ The Netherl.)

                              Peter Miskolczi (Eurofilm/ Hungary)

International Sales:    EastWest Film Distribution/ Austria



Gabor/                          Jollie/                            Dutchman/

Andor Lukats                  Vesela Kazakova              Antonie Kamerling


Brigi/ Eniko Borcsok

Uncle Feri/ Djoko Rosich

Made with Namu6