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BLACK BUTTERFLIES – feature film / 100 min

Directed by Paula van der Oest, Writter: Greg Latter

Against the backdrop of Apartheid in the early 1960’s, Ingrid Jonker struggles with love and life and becomes one of the most important

poets of South Africa.





2009 - 2001


PRIMA PRIMAVERA - Co-production with Vita Nova Films, Geopoly Film and Eurofilm. Writer & Director: Janos Edelenyi, co-Writers: Andre Hules, Paul Salamon, Maria Stankova.

Cast: Andor Lukats, Vesela Kazakova, Antonie Kamerling, Djoko Rosic


The life of Gabor, a middle-aged man with the manners and naïveté of a child, is turned upside down when his mother is killed in a botched bank robbery. He and a prostitute, Jolie, are the only ones who can identify robber, so they must run for their lives.


Awards/ festivals:

- Awards Best Actress (Vesela Kazakova) and Best Supporting Actor (Djoko

  Rosich) at the Bulgarian Film Academy 2010

- at the Bradford Int. Film Festival 2010

- at the International Cinemania 2009 in Sofia/ Bulgaria

- Special Jury Award at the Varna Film Festival 'Love is Folly' 2009

- Award, Best Actress (Vesela Kazakova) at the Varna Film Festival ´Love

  is Folly´ 2009

- Award Best Actor (Andor Lukats) at the 40th Hungarian Film Week 2009

- Valladolid International Film Festival 2009




Co-production with AA Les Films Belges/ Artisan Films/ Classic/ C&C Partners

  Scenario and director: Yvan Le Moine                     

  Cast: Philip Nahon, Alain Moraida, Ornella Mutti, Hanna Schygull


Awards/ festivals:

- at Le Festival Du Film Francophone 2007

- Award Joseph Plateau 2005 - Best Photography (Dany Elsen)

- Award Joseph Plateau 2005 - Best Music (George Van Dam)

- Independent Critics Award at the Locarno Film Festival 2005

- Special Jury Prize at the African Movie Festival

- Great Prize - Cinema of author festival in Rabat/ Marocco




DE KROON (THE CROWN) - Dramaserie (2 episodes of 50 minutes).

  Script Ger Beukenkamp. Director Peter de Baan

Awards/ festivals:

- Nomination LIRA 2007

- Official submission for the PRIX D’ Italia 2005,

- Het Gouden Calf category Best TV drama – Dutch Film Festival Utrecht



BETWEEN TWO PEOPLE - Short film for public tv (50 minutes)

  Script Gijsbert van der Wal and Lernert Engelberts. Director Lernert



SOPHIE AND ARTHUR - Short film for public tv (50 min)

  Script Titia Rieter and Roel Welling. Director Roel Welling


THE CATCHER - Short film for public tv (50 min)

  Script Manon Uphoff. Director Johan Timmers


REVOLVING DOORS - Miniserie for public tv (2x 50 min)

  Based on a non-fiction book by Ad van Liempt.

  Script Ger Beukenkamp. Director Peter de Baan


Awards/ festivals:

- Nominated for the golden calf (het gouden kalf) category TV drama at the Dutch Film Festival, Utrecht



MADAM THE MINISTER - Tv serie (3x 50 min) for public tV

  Script Frank Ketelaar. Director Norbert ter Hall

Awards/ festivals:

- Selected in fiction topten:13th International Tv and Film Festival Cologne,


- 1 st Price 9 de Festival International de film et de la television "CINEMA 

  TOUT ECRAN" category la Meilleure Collection & Long Drama, Geneva,


- Nominated for the Lira price 2005



NEW YEAR’S EVE - Short fiction (50 minutes) for public television

  Script Oscar van Woensel. Director David Lammers.


JULIE AND HERMAN - Short fiction (50 min) for public tV

  Script and director Kate Brown.

Awards/ festivals:

- In competition for the golden calf (het gouden kalf) at the Dutch Film

  Festival 2003, Utrecht



LOOKING FOR RUPERT - Short fiction (45 min) for public tV

  Script and director Iris Huizinga.


DU - Short fiction (50 min)

  Script Manon  Mulckhuyse. Director Saskia Diesing


Awards/ festivals:

- INPUT 2003 Berlin, Germany. Best of INPUT, Porto Alegre, Brasil.

- Selected for best tv-fiction PRIX D’EUROPE Berlin, Germany

- In competition for the golden calf (het gouden kalf) at the Dutch Film

  Festival 2003, Utrecht



WWW.EENZAAM.NL - Short fiction (50 min)

  Script and director Marc van Uchelen


THE ARM OF JEZUS - Feature film (70 min)

  Script and director Andre van der Hout


Awards/ festivals:

- Nominated for the Tiger Awards 2003 at the Int. Filmfestival Rotterdam

- Winner of the Dutch Filmcritics Award 2003 at the Dutch Film festival


- Winner of the Filmcritics Award 2003, Internationales Filmfestival 

  Mannheim-Heidelberg Germany



2001 - 1996


LUIF - Television comedy (6x 25 min) by Marianne Luif

  Director Jan Keja


30 MINUTES - Comedy by Arjan Ederveen

  Director Pieter Kramer


LABYRINTH - Youth fiction serie (13x 25 minutes)

  Writers Oscar van Woensel, Hermien Landvreugd, Hans de Wolf

  Directors, Mijke de Jong, Dana Nechustan, Nicole van Kisdonk.


HERTENKAMP - 36 episode drama (25 minutes)

  Writer Joan Nederlof, Frank Houtappels

  Director Pieter Kramer, Jonothan Herman, Antoinette Beumer


BURRIED - 6 episodes (25 minutes) comedy

  Writer Tom de Ket, George van Houts. Director Mark Timmer


RETOUR THE HAGUE - Miniserie (3x 50 minutes) for public tv

  Writer Martin Bril and Rogier Proper. Director Peter de Baan


THE VOICE OF AMSTERDAM - Miniserie for telvision (3x 50 minutes)

  Writer Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins

  Director Willem van de Sande Bakhuyzen


KORRELTJIE NIKS IS MIJN DOOD - Documentary (50 minutes)

  By Saskia van Schaik

  About the South African Poetress Ingrid Jonker


INDIA, NATIVE LAND - Documentary (50 minutes) about three Indian

  writers who live now in Europe.



1989 - 1988



  Documentary about the last two months of a 29 year old women.

  50 min for Dutch tV

Awards/ festivals: 

- Grand Prix Toyama Japan, 1990

- JP Broeksz price Vara television 1989

- Broadcasted in the serie 40 minutes by the BBC



















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